Human Traits mix vol. 2

The second in the series of Human Traits mixes, this one covering a wider range of tempos. I recently found some really good dancehall tracks and other bits around 100-115BPM, so I incorporated that. I feel like I honed in on my sound since the first one a lot more, both in my own productions and the tunes I play as a DJ. All in all, I’m happy with how this turned out! I’m already planning the next mix, which will be faster paced and a bit heavier, so keep an eye out for that!


Khésis & Alex Burkat - Trolley Square

We made a tune with Philly based Alex Burkat, and it’s now out on Rvdioactive’s excellent compilation.

Alex and I first connected through Martyn’s mentoring program more than a year ago having mutual respect for each other’s music. We kept sending bits back and forth, and two tracks materialised. The first is Trolley Square. The second is also in the pipeline to be released!

Khésis - Viscose (Electronic Beats CLUB22)

Super happy that my track Viscose has been selected for the club compilation Electronic Beats Hungary is doing for upcoming producers. On all 3 compilations, the bar is really high, so it feels extra special!

Human Traits mix vol. 1

I recently realised that most of the mixes that I made for various outlets are pretty dated, and don’t really represent the music I’m making and am into recently. A friend recently showed me a bunch of tracks that I copied over to his USB around 3 years ago and I was horrified when I heard them. Of course I did a couple other bits since then, but my released tracks have been few and far between, and I need to keep my DJing chops oiled, so here it goes.

Mostly broken beat things with a phyisical quality to them. The Human Traits name is about art with traits that emulate a human touch, even if everything’s done in the electronic realm – I’m pretty interested in this concept so I’ll surely explore it a fair bit.

Tracklist is below, and I’ll post a download link to the mailing list shortly if there’s demand.

Thanks for listening!


  • DJ Rubio - Western Medicine
  • FJAAK - Tomorrow
  • Jessamine - Flutes (Kassem Mosse stille floeten mix)
  • Jacques Greene - Real Time
  • Giulia Tess - 200417
  • Hugo Massien - Messier 77
  • Nathan Micay - Choice & Consequence
  • Joe - Get Centred
  • Cameo Blush - §§§§§
  • Pearson Sound - Thaw Cycle
  • Overmono - Bby
  • Nicholas - I Believe
  • WxT - DWN
  • Medlar & Pedestrian - T.R. Wilson
  • Loods - Three Blocks
  • ANF - Mauna Kea
  • Lapien - A Change Is Gonna Come
  • Al Wootton - JL (Priori Sharp Tool Mix)
  • Delay Grounds - Ball_Run
  • Tom VR - Acheless
  • Pugilist - Seedling
  • Anchoret - Pushpull
  • Cameo Blush - Red Tarn
  • Burland - Agbekor
  • Khesis - Foray (Unreleased)
  • EM + Stav - Afterglow
  • VC-118A - Lost
  • YT - Everyday
  • Midland - Bring Joy
  • Yushh - Gurtlushh

The new site is live!

Hello, I made a website for my musical endeavors. I hope it will help in connecting with people, as social media has become so unpredictable in the past years in reaching people.

You can sign up to the mailing list on the right to get free tunes that I make, or be notified new releases I appear in. There are a couple bootlegs lined up, so this is not an empty threat ha!